Envy Wigs

Envy Wigs – Ready to Wear Stylish Wigs

Envy prides itself on providing women with thick, gorgeous hair that turns heads when you walk into the room.

With Envy ready-to-wear wigs, hair add-ons and extensions, you can have that stylish, comfortable, touchable and well-fitting wig you’ve wanted.

Envy also focuses on eco-friendly packaging and marketing materials, helping women look their best without harming our ecology.

Find out why so many women are going green with Envy!


Why More Women Trust Long Island Wigs in Syosset NY


Beautiful Designer Wigs

Ladies – your wig should not look like a wig!  The best wigs look like YOUR hair – a beautiful style and color that accents you!

Choose from hundreds of designs, styles and colors!


Choose Your Look

Whether you are looking for something classic, high fashion, playful or somewhere in between, we have the hair for you.

Come meet with our experts who can help you find the look you want and deserve!


Great Value

We bring our clients great trusted brands with high quality hair.  Best of all, we deliver at a fair price and deliver great value to our clients!

With over 50 years of great service and trust, we’re here to deliver value to you.


Visit Our Store

Yes, we have a store! You should come in, try on the wigs and find what best fits you.

The internet is great, but you won’t know how it looks until you try it on. Why buy, send back, buy, send back, etc.? Just come in and try on as many as you like!

Choose the Envy Wig that is Right for You

Envy offers a wide range of choices for women.  From long and glamorous wigs to short and spunky styles, the choices are endless.

Whether you are looking for that fun style, a timeless and classic look, or something in between, Envy is for you!

At our Long Island Wigs store in Syosset, NY, we stock hundreds of wigs. Don’t force yourself online… come in, meet our experts and try on a variety of wigs.

What better way to find your perfect style than to try it on yourself?


Meet Our Experts in Syosset, NY

Our Long Island Wigs store, located conveniently in Syosset, NY, has served tens of thousands of clients from Manhattan to Montauk.

Whether you are looking for a wig for medical reasons, style reasons, religious reasons – or no reason at all – we are here to help you.

We pride ourselves on caring for women and their hair.

Come in and visit our store, see hundreds of wigs on display, and find the right hair for you and the look you want to achieve.